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Employment and Training of CAD Operators at Luckland Vietnam In Vietnam, production and consumption markets keep expanding. LUCKLAND VIETNAM CO.,LTD. offers maximum support with their well-organized system, for on-the-spot research, planning, construction, and maintenance, so that the clients who want to newly or continuously expand in Vietnam can open new stores safely.
To develop CAD operators overseas, our HQ dispatched employees from various special fields to Vietnam, where they gave fundamental lessons to create CAD drawings. They currently have four CAD teams to support our Japanese and overseas branches to support their construction, interior, facility, and kitchen plans. We have close cooperation between Japan and overseas, to promptly meet the requests from the clients.

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Products and Services Planning, Design, Supervision, and Construction of Commercial Properties and Store Facilities

Founded December 18, 2014

Address 14th Floor Metro 6, 59 Xa Lo Ha Noi, Thao Dien Ward,District 2, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam